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Note from the Founders

Our journey, is being the instrument, fulfilling the Lord's prayer

…Thy Will be done, on Earth as it is in Haven! This is the Journey we knock on your heart to join.

This Journey is a self-proclaimed walk of integrity. One, only you will choose to honor.

A bit about us. Our Motto: Being "The One" proclaiming: "I Am so that We Are, the Solution for a Prosperous Community"

Our Charity is newly formed with one intention in mind. Be better than the best out there.

How would one go about obtaining such a lofty goal?

Repackage the Best Features, with proven track records of Successful Companies!

Capture the Hearts of 1 Million People, just to see what Donating $1 Dollar will do in the world. Grow and repeat!

1:) Our Micro-Fundraising of $1 Dollar donations is based on: "The Red Nose Day".

A:) NBC spent Millions of dollars to create a prime time Comic Relief Special.

B:) Promoting a donation of single Dollar, by purchasing a Red Nose.


2:) Over $400 Million raised in the in the US and Europe since 2014.

D:) We are proud to have Mark Christopher Lawrence support, Selling his Stand-Up Comedy DVD's.

2:) Our Barter program has a 15-year successful track record.

Currently 50,000 plus Business owners are Trading over $100 Million Dollars in products and services.

3:) Our Cash rewards program is based on the EBATES model. A:) Except we reward you for making a difference by:

1. Selling your Products or Services

2. Completing your community services hours with us (non-court related)

3. A Resume Building Internship with "The One In a Million Experience"

4. Helping to provide others with the experience of being "The One"

5. Helping us fund your favorite Charities

6. Helping us fund Free Social Events

7. The more you help us be the solution, the more we reward you!

• Remembering our Motto, and that You are the "I Am" in the "We Are" the Solution...

How we do it:

Through Membership donations, and the sales of unique and/or "The One" of a kind items.

One more reason the name of our program makes an impression. "The One In a Million Experience!" Our Mission: "Being the Change" we wish to see in the world!" Provide you with the Experience of Being "The One"!

We fulfill on this mission is by demonstrating You are "The One".

Step 1 :) Without you, being "The One"," We/Community" doesn't exist.

A:) Simply put, without a community of clients/donors, one cannot run a business/charity!

B:) It's been said: It takes a community to raise a child. We believe it takes a community to do anything of importance!

We believe this with all our heart. As such we are offering the following Angel Member/Intern Benefits package.

By Joining our causes today, you receive:

1:) No obligation Try it before you donate to it. "Propriety Donor Membership"

2:) Angel Member/Intern Profit Sharing in our Company

3:) Good Will Cause Marketing

4:) Our Cash rewards program, is the best Benefit we offer each of our interns, clients and their clients.

A:) Being the solution for a prosperous community, means you too, must be prosperous.

B:) You are included in the community of which we speak! Are you not?

C:) Tough Job, the more you help us create prosperity in our community, the more we reward your own prosperity.

Together we achieve more. Join our winning formula by setting your appointment today.

Contact us for your 30 Minute appointment. Where we detail the benefits, of your partnership.

Appointments available after 1:30pm MST

We have several Intern positions available, to meet the following needs:

1:) Website Design and maintenance

2:) Grant Writers

3:) Business Plan Development

4:) Creative Writing, Social media, Press Releases etc.

5:) Purchasing Agents 6:) Brokers/ Sales Agents. 7:) Fundraisers 8:) Event Volunteers (Special Needs Children Easter Egg Hunt at Equine Spirit Sanctuary Sat April 8th 2017)

9:) All interns and Angel Members will receive a profit-sharing position within our company.

Your internship will help us to help those at Standing rock and so much more.

Thank you for sharing this time with us.


Bryan Jennings

I AM: Two of the most powerful words in the world: What you choose to say after them, shapes your REALITY!



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