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Advertising, Radio

OurTown Article Talk Show
OurTown Article Talk Show
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OurTown Article Talk Show
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Advertising Your Local And National Business On-Line Can Increase Foot Traffic Or Internet Sales ! By Twomucht, Topix National News Editor Fall Of 2015 Online Advertising Campaign Special ! Here's how to get $ 14,400 advertising value of complete national web exposure for only $3600 bucks for 12 months during the month of Nnovember -NOW ! By December, the benefit of the Ad/Article/Talk Show Campaign will return to the full great value retail price of $7600. Merchants will get a monthly article, a 24/7 ad on six city metro Atlanta sites, along with the opportunity to be a featured merchant on a national talk show every other month. The cities include Lithonia, Stone Mountain, Snellville, Duluth, Lawrenceville, Loganville, Georgia, for OurTown. National businesses will be placed on CNN outlets, and national national news sites. There is an in every zip code of the United States. All of the articles, and talk show links will be able to add to your company website, and/or your business social media, like Face Book. Local businesses are getting the red carpet treatment these days from hyper local blogs and sites that are catering more and more to their needs. As ad spending on offline media such as Yellow Pages, radio and cable declines, on line ad spending and outlets for local business exposure is on the rise. With the advent of sites which cater to specific areas, regions and destinations around the world, more and more advertising opportunities are finally opening up for local businesses who wish to get in front of their target market to increase foot traffic, sales, and exposure. Sites like ,OurTown Media are helping small local business owners who are trying to figure out how to get into the on line advertising game…and WIN ! " Today, there is a push towards Internet shopping. No matter if your business is 'Brick and Mortar', or Internet based, most people start their search from their home or office computer", exclaims Snellville, Georgia OurTown Media National News Editor, Tom Livsey. He continues, "With the high cost of gas, or the lack of time and money, most U.S. retail purchases are made way before the customer eventually even enters the potential retailer's doors, if even at all. But one thing is for sure, they are trying to give their business to those retailers located, as close as possible, to their own home. There is no retailer that is located closer to this market than on-line retailers." The smart merchants this Holiday season, are those who have everything at their computer customer's finger tips. Be it correct to refer to this massive buying market, as the unkempt, unshaven, or even those women, who won't go to the mailbox without make-up, a billion dollar market, so be it ! This is 2015, 93% of the elite buyers do not even watch television, read the newspapers, or all the million dollar ads associated with the two, at all ! Today's impulse buyers, are the entrepreneurs who will search Google, to find out about the current politics, the weather for tomorrow, or what is worthwhile buying today. These are the same successful individuals, who will do almost all of their Summer shopping this year, for their family members and friends, just moments after they have just gotten out of bed." Only if Paul Revere could ride a horse through the streets in America today, he would surely warn them of this change, too, "On line advertising is Coming!" On line advertising is the biggest new market industry that is directing individuals to where to buy the items that they need. In particular, the increase in local on line advertising is at a vector point, when it comes to location and Internet visibility. Long gone are the days, when you would load the station wagon full of kids and travel between several malls to do some browsing and comparative shopping. In 2015, the real buyers bought from the closest, most convenient, and the most reasonably priced merchants, who are ideally located around their neighborhood. Most of the time, its the Internet Merchants who are the closest, ( i.e. On their home computer), even if they are located states away. Location is supreme for retailers. However, the untapped profit center for most of them is on line advertising ! The package will include an ad on my OurTown news sites, a monthly national article, which will include Topix, and CNN, and to be a guest host on my national Blog Talk Radio Show, where you will be able to speak to the public, and potential clients. Moreover, I will provide links of both, so you will be able to add them on your company's website, newsletter, or your social media page. What time is it? Its time to act NOW ! Tick tock, the clock don't stop, neither will tese ad prices. I hope to hear from you soon? For more information, please contact Tom Livsey by email, or call 678-580-0757 ###
Barter Amount:  $2,400.00 USD
Qty on Hand:   20
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