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Computers - Svce & Repair

Computer Services
New Mexico PC MD offers computer repair services.

* We can make your sick computer well. We also assist with updates, upgrades and all those computer issues with which you might need assistance. Our services are 100% barter. Please call for estimates and details. NM PC, M.D. is located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Owner, Tom Carlson, is a Microsoft Certified technician with an A+ hardware certification. PC, MD staff has over 15 years PC related experience! No job is too big, or more importantly... too small!

* We repair computer systems infected with bugs, worms, viruses spyware, ad-ware and even "network gremlins". We specialize in networking, hardware upgrades as well as MicroSoft operating system repair, recovery and upgrades. PC, M.D. can wire your site for a network, or set you up with a wireless solution. We have experience with all types of systems, including Linux, Mac, DOS, Windows, 3.1 through Windows 7 and all versions of MicroSoft server including 2008 (Active Directory). We support network operations across WANs (Wide Area Networks) spanning multiple states.

* We have experience in ISPs, DSL, T1/Phone, network server setup, web and proxy servers and several firewall solutions and wireless setup and security. We can even assist you and access your network remotely. We will visit your location, for a small fee, diagnose and quote for repairs on your computer system. This means house calls and office visits. Feel free to drop sick computers from home off at our office, on your way to work! We can repair sick systems, including overnight!.

* Our website is:

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